What is the difference between golf and other sports?

The biggest difference between golf and other sports is that it has a very wide age range and golf is highly accessible.Golf is not restricted by age, gender, or physical fitness, from the way it is played to the intensity of the game. Children from 3 years old to the elderly can participate. You can compete in groups or have fun alone.


Golf is a sport where you compete with yourself, challenge yourself, and constantly challenge yourself. This is the greatest charm of golf. "All your efforts are not to defeat others, but to defeat yourself. Life is like a golf course, the only real opponent is yourself." And like football, basketball, and tennis, they are all about defeating the opponent.
Since golf itself is a "moving and still" sport, it is not an intense sport. Players can adjust the rhythm and intensity of playing according to their own physical conditions. As long as they follow the rules of golf, similar situations can be prevented to a great extent. of sports trauma. Therefore, golf is a sport with a high safety factor.

Golf venues are different from other sports venues.

Golf is an outdoor sport, but it is different from many outdoor sports in that it has the largest venue. Unlike football, tennis and other sports, golf can be designated anywhere outdoors (including among the buildings in the metropolis). The golf course itself is nature, or it can be said to be nature that has been restored.
In other sports venues, basketball, football, swimming and other sports, athletes are restricted to a more obvious range of activities, while golf is a sport that is rooted in nature and is the closest to and caring for nature. In addition to golf, among modern sports, only triathlon and modern pentathlon involve more contact with nature. Although marathon running reaches a high level in terms of time and space, its venues are mainly monotonous roads. Playing golf is like being surrounded by birds and flowers. You can smell the woods, grass and soil, and sometimes animals will appear in front of you.

Golf courses are generally far away from the hustle and bustle of modern cities and industrial areas that may have varying degrees of exhaust gas, waste water, waste and noise emissions. The golf course is almost the original appearance of nature. It not only provides golfers with a broad space for activities, but also allows golfers to gain tranquility and benefit from sunbathing and air bathing, which can relieve psychological stress, relax the spirit, and improve the body. Recovery from fatigue.
In this sense, the golf course is the best place to return to nature, the largest "oxygen bar" and the largest "sun rehabilitation center".

Golf is the least traumatic sport.
Since there is no physical contact between players, and there will be no crude actions such as deliberately pulling, tripping, injuring or tearing off people's shirts in football matches, golfing has almost no consequences except foot sprains caused by the surface of the field. External factors of sports trauma. Golfer's trauma is caused by insufficient warm-up, lack of regularity in life before playing (such as lack of sleep, excessive drinking, excessive psychological stress and drowsiness, etc.), improper swing technique on the spot, etc., etc., which can lead to golf elbow similar to tennis elbow, etc. Strain of shoulders and back.

Golf clothing matching is different from other sports.
Other sports, such as ball sportswear: usually shorts and tops. Ball sportswear requires a certain amount of looseness. Basketball players generally wear vests, while players in other sports wear short-sleeved tops. Football sportswear traditionally uses a V-neck, while volleyball, table tennis, rugby, badminton, tennis and other sportswear use a collar, with blue, red and other colored stripes added on the outside of the sleeves and trousers. Tennis shirts are mainly white, and women wear miniskirts. The matching of golf clothing can reflect one's personality and pursuits, and can be divided into two aspects: style matching and color matching, among which color matching seems to be more important. Tops with bright colors and novel patterns and trousers of one color or striped patterns are coordinated and lively, and can also set off the environment of the stadium, reflecting a taste and mood.

We use a different perspective to understand golf. It is a popular sport that everyone can participate in.