What are the basics of golf?

For golf enthusiasts, the name "St. Andrews" (known as the "Hometown of Golf") must be familiar, because it was here that the modern golf game originated and quickly spread throughout the world.

Here, golf has evolved from a game played by Scottish herdsmen to a noble sport exclusive to the court, and eventually transformed into a gentleman's sport popular around the world, and has been endowed with richer cultural connotations by countless enthusiasts. Golf originated in Scotland in the 15th century or earlier. Scotland has a mountainous area with a humid and foggy climate, which is ideal for the growth of pasture, so animal husbandry is developed. It is said that when shepherds were grazing their herds, they played a game with a shepherd's whip and hit the stones into the rabbit's nest. Over time, a game was formed in which different clubs were used and the ball was hit according to certain rules.

Golf in English, each letter represents the sporty qualities of golf. G stands for Green, which is the main color of nature. Hit the ball in a lush natural environment; O stands for Oxygen, which is one of the three indispensable elements in human life. Where there are green plants, there is oxygen, and life will be full of vitality and vitality; L stands for sunshine (Light), sunshine is the beginning of all life, enjoying the sunshine is to enjoy life; F stands for Friendship (Friendship), golfer They each abide by the politeness and etiquette of golf during the game, and establish noble interpersonal relationships in the process of competing with each other.

Hitting the ball into the hole by hitting it is the most basic principle of golf, which is to hit the ball continuously from the tee until it hits the hole. In short, it means starting with the first shot, then the second and third shots, repeatedly hitting the ball into the hole, and there is no other way. It is against the rules to move with the ball, or use methods such as throwing or rolling.

Essential equipment for golf

First. The club consists of three parts: the club head, the shaft, and the grip. Its length is approximately 0.91-1.29 meters. Each player can bring up to 14 different types of clubs into the venue according to the different needs of hitting the ball. These 14 clubs should be configured as 4 woods, 9 irons and 1 putter. But for beginners, since there is no need to actually compete, it is enough to have a club that suits you best. Generally speaking, it is best to go to a workshop to customize golf clubs, because only the clubs made according to your own measured data are the clubs that are most suitable for you and can you play your best.

In 1938, regulations began to regulate the number of clubs carried in off-field golf bags. I believe that all the caddies around the world will be happy to finally no longer have to carry so much weight on their backs. Lawson Little, a famous amateur golfer in the 1930s, once "battled" with 31 clubs in his golf bag. But now you can only bring a maximum of 14, which usually includes multiple woods, irons and a putter.

Second. ball

There are generally three types of golf balls: single-layer balls, double-layer balls, and triple-layer balls.

Single-layer balls are used by beginners. Generally speaking, single-layer balls are also used on the driving range. The double-layer ball is mainly used by players with medium and high handicap who strive for distance. Three-layer balls are mainly used by professional players and people with low handicap. You should choose different golf balls according to your actual situation.


Third. Ball bag

Golf bags are usually divided into general backpack bags (also called stand bags) and standing golf bags. The main functions of both are to protect and transport clubs, and their additional functions are to provide space for players to carry other related items. Accessories.

Four. Golf shoes

Golf shoes usually have nails on the bottom, which are divided into hard nails and soft nails. They mainly provide grip and allow players to stand more firmly when hitting the ball. Wear a pair of shoes with good waterproof performance on rainy days. Golf shoes can help you stabilize your lower body, which is very helpful for learning the game in the early stages.

Five. Gloves

The main function of golf gloves is to provide golfers with safety and comfort during the swing. They are worn on the hand used (right-handed players wear them on their left hand, and women generally wear them on both hands).

Golf etiquette

Wear when playing: collared tops and casual trousers, and golf shoes with special rubber studs when playing golf.

Dress code for entering the club: Women’s clothing can be more fashionable, but it must have a collar, and no shorts, shorts, or dresses are allowed. Men can wear casual sportswear or formal attire, but no vests, slippers, etc. are allowed.

Attire to a golf game: Athleisure and flats.

You need to keep quiet when resting and eating in the clubhouse, when other players are preparing to hit or hitting the ball, when other players are playing, and when watching the game. When near the green, be careful not to let your shadow block others from judging the putting line; when others are reading the green line, do not walk in front of their sight or in front of their putting line, so as not to affect others' judgment of the line. . Golf is a "gentleman's sport" and there are many etiquettes we need to abide by, which we need to experience in detail by actually playing golf.